Nhà Của Thời Thanh Xuân

The Youth Home

Today I submitted the presentation about the Youth Home to a Social enterprise competition in Indonesia. When I started doing this, I could not find a background that satisfies me. So I decided to design it myself by using our own photos.

It turned out great I think.

I really like the final product. It carries exactly the concept and spirit of the Youth Home. The photo of each slide has a strong link with the content on that slide.

Let me tell you a little more about our project.

We come from different parts of Vietnam, from the North to the South. We meet by chance and stay together by choice. We are a family of deaf and non-deaf people. We live together and nourish our dreams.

Here, we call our project The Youth Home.

It is not a house but a home for everyone to come and support each other. To make each individual dreams and our big dream come true.

Our mission is not only to offer a job to the deaf people but also for them to reach out to the society and be independent for their lives.



We realized that in Vietnam people almost forget about the deaf community. It seems that deaf people do not exist in the society.

For example, everyone has the right to get information from media channels such as television but not the deaf people. There is only a few TV programs that has a small screen of sign language to transmit information to them. When the deaf people have to go to the hospital or court, there is no sign language interpreter to interpret for them. This results in social inequality.

The idea of The Youth Home is to break this barrier to provide a link between the deaf community and the other groups of people in the society.

For the deaf people to step out there and connect with the world.

For them to be independent for their lives and be responsible for what they want to be.


I once asked a deaf girl in our family what her dream is. And she told me she wants to be a singer.

You may wonder how a deaf girl can become a singer.

Yes! At the Youth Home, we want to make that dream comes true. She may has not listened to a song before. We may have not heard her voice before. However, she can sing by hands with sign language.

Here, we nourish every dream like how we treasure every little flower and tea leaf with care and love.

We believe that by planting a seed, it will grow stronger and spread its spirit and inspiration to others. It is also our vision which is to expand the Youth Home into other cities and provinces in Vietnam.


We want to support deaf people and for the deaf community to integrate with the rest of the society. It is also for us, who are non-deaf, to get to understand and connect with deaf people.


The Youth Home

Da Lat city, Vietnam


Senégal, my first foostep in Africa

It has been one week since I left Senegal. This time last week we were on El Hadji’s car leaving Ziguinchor to Dakar.

Time flies in a blink of an eye!

Back to first day of my arrival in Senegal, I had a very bad jetlag after more than 2 days of flying and transitting. After landing I went to make my on-arrival visa, the officer told me to wait outside of his room.

I was so tired and wanted to vomit. I could not even sit properly. The officer went in front of me, looked at my pale face and said:

– Sister! Follow me!

He took my luggage and led me to the transit room where there are long sofa for me to lie down.

– Sister, you can sleep here. I called my boss about your visa. Now we need to wait. Ok, Ok? – said him

-Yes. Ok. – said me

I could not help myself but lying down there for 2 hours. I did not bother to think of informing the taxi driver who was waiting for me outside.

– Sister! Your visa is here. Everything is done. Now you go to the hotel and sleep. Tomorrow come back here t 8 to take your flight to Ziguinchor.

So everything was arranged for me. The officer even asked a police man with a gun in his hand to follow and the taxi driver to the taxi.


The funny and friendly taxi driver

When I met the taxi driver, calls kept coming to his phone. Haby, then Talar, then Nikos called in order to ensure about my safety. I felt so welcomed even though they were not there to pick me up.

To be honest, I was a little bit nervous as flying here alone without knowing anyone in Dakar. However, the moment I talked to the officer, all my insecurities had gone. All the Senegalese friends I had met are so nice and friendly. I realize one thing that when you believe in someone, you will not be afraid of them anymore.


Nikos – my Greek friend here – asked me twice what my first impression about Senegal is. My reponse was its people. I felt like home when I was here whether it is Dakar or Ziguinchor.

Thanks to all my Senegalese friends. You make your country becomes even more beautiful and I fell in love with your country the moment I put my first footstep in Senegal.


The neighborhood in front of my hotel in Dakar

Sài Gòn, một sáng tháng năm

Sài Gòn, ngày mười ba tháng năm năm hai không mười bảy.

Một người bạn nước ngoài từng nói với tôi rằng:

“Sài Gòn của mày nóng quá ha. Có khi nào Sài Gòn lạnh hơn không? Có khi nào có tuyết rơi không?”

“Ừa. Tao cũng mong vậy. Mà tao đợi hai mươi lăm năm rồi và vẫn đang đợi mà chưa thấy tuyết ở Sài Gòn.”

Vậy đó, sinh ra và lớn lên ở Sài Gòn ngần ấy năm, đủ biết tình yêu tôi dành cho Sài Gòn lớn như thế nào. Người ta đến sống ở thành phố này có một thời gian ngắn mà đã yêu nó biết chừng nào rồi huống hồ gì.


Sài Gòn bao dung lắm. Sài Gòn dang tay ôm trọn tất cả những ai tìm đến đây mưu sinh lập nghiệp. Không cần biết bạn là ai, làm nghề gì, đến từ đâu, nếu bạn đã quyết định gắn bó với thành phố này thì bạn là người Sài Gòn.

Người Sài Gòn thân thiện, hào sảng và thẳng tính. Bạn có thể dễ dàng bắt chuyện với chú xe ôm, cô bán xôi hay dì bán nước bên đường. À, mà vì người Sài Gòn là ở tứ xứ đến nên chắc chắn bạn sẽ được nghe rất nhiều câu chuyện hay ho dọc miền đất nước đó.

Đã có rất nhiều người viết về những điều bình dị dễ thương đó của Sài Gòn. Tôi thì muốn kể về những gì tôi nghe được vào một buổi trưa hè trong một con hẻm nhỏ giữa thủ đô Hà Nội.

“Sao ở Sài Gòn mà ra Hà Nội xa thế! Người miền trong tốt bụng lắm ấy nhỉ? Họ không có tiết kiệm. Mình nghe nói người Sài Gòn tiêu tiền nhiều lắm. Trong đó đồ ăn ngon mà rẻ nữa. Dễ sống chứ không như đất Hà Nội này.”

Đó là một chị bán bánh giò. Chị nói về Sài Gòn như một vùng đất đáng sống và dễ kiếm tiền. Với chị Sài Gòn là cả một giấc mơ và niềm ao ước. Chục năm chỉ buôn gáng bán bưng trong con hẻm nhỏ ở Hà Nội. Chị cũng mong một lần được vào miền trong để mưu sinh, lập nghiệp.


Hôm nay viết một ít thôi.