Senégal, my first foostep in Africa

It has been one week since I left Senegal. This time last week we were on El Hadji’s car leaving Ziguinchor to Dakar.

Time flies in a blink of an eye!

Back to first day of my arrival in Senegal, I had a very bad jetlag after more than 2 days of flying and transitting. After landing I went to make my on-arrival visa, the officer told me to wait outside of his room.

I was so tired and wanted to vomit. I could not even sit properly. The officer went in front of me, looked at my pale face and said:

– Sister! Follow me!

He took my luggage and led me to the transit room where there are long sofa for me to lie down.

– Sister, you can sleep here. I called my boss about your visa. Now we need to wait. Ok, Ok? – said him

-Yes. Ok. – said me

I could not help myself but lying down there for 2 hours. I did not bother to think of informing the taxi driver who was waiting for me outside.

– Sister! Your visa is here. Everything is done. Now you go to the hotel and sleep. Tomorrow come back here t 8 to take your flight to Ziguinchor.

So everything was arranged for me. The officer even asked a police man with a gun in his hand to follow and the taxi driver to the taxi.


The funny and friendly taxi driver

When I met the taxi driver, calls kept coming to his phone. Haby, then Talar, then Nikos called in order to ensure about my safety. I felt so welcomed even though they were not there to pick me up.

To be honest, I was a little bit nervous as flying here alone without knowing anyone in Dakar. However, the moment I talked to the officer, all my insecurities had gone. All the Senegalese friends I had met are so nice and friendly. I realize one thing that when you believe in someone, you will not be afraid of them anymore.


Nikos – my Greek friend here – asked me twice what my first impression about Senegal is. My reponse was its people. I felt like home when I was here whether it is Dakar or Ziguinchor.

Thanks to all my Senegalese friends. You make your country becomes even more beautiful and I fell in love with your country the moment I put my first footstep in Senegal.


The neighborhood in front of my hotel in Dakar


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